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Types of traffic tickets, and what you should do when you get one

What are traffic tickets in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta Province of Canada? What are the types of traffic tickets issued? What you must NOT do when you are handed over a traffic ticket?

Teaching Good Habits of Driving to New Young Drivers

Driving is a science as well as an art which has to be learnt attentively and seriously like a student learns from his/her class teachers. Here are some Good Habits that should be inculcated in the young drivers:

5 Mistakes you need to avoid to pass in a driving test

Here are 5 common mistakes that you need to avoid on the road test. If you don’t do these mistakes, it will be easy for you to get ready for the driving test and pass it with full confidence.

Winter Driving Tips

Winter in Alberta presents some unique challenges to drivers, especially young drivers who have little to no experience on the slippery roads and cold conditions. The key is to plan ahead and provide yourself with plenty of time to get to your destination. Of course, you should not go in the first place unless you absolutely must get to your location. Continue reading

New Student Driver Tips

While nothing takes the place of experience, there are several tips that young drivers to follow which will reduce the chances of being in an accident. Continue reading

Defensive Driving Course Tips

For drivers who have acquired several tickets or for those who have just received their driving licenses, a defensive driving course offer several benefits that you can use when out on the road. In addition, those who have suffered from demerits can address that situation by taking this course that has been approved by the authorities. Continue reading

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