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5 Mistakes you need to avoid to pass in a driving test

Oh God!! The fateful day of your driving test has come….you’re extremely terrified!! You are very nervous and not sure whether you'll pass the test or fail. Driving test is one of the biggest challenges of your life. It’s the most important and critical step towards getting your driver’s license. You have future dreams, hopes, and aspirations that depend on the result of your driving test.

Driving is also called behind the wheel test or road test. Road test is a practical test of your driving skills and ability to drive safely and carefully on the road following all the traffic rules. Knowing the most common mistakes people do during the road test, you can test your driving abilities and know if you are ready for your class 5 road test . If you want to pass your driving test in your first attempt, you should hone your driving skills and prepare yourself for the practical test. Here are 5 common mistakes that you need to avoid on the road test. If you don’t do these mistakes, it will be easy for you to get ready for the driving test and pass it with full confidence.

  1. Feeling nervous and stressed during the road test: If you are stressed and nervous during the test, you’ll have poor concentration while driving. You may not understand the instructions of examiner and may not be able to perform well. Due to lack of focus, sometimes situation can go out of control. Sleep well at night before the test and stay positive. Calm your nerves while driving because if you have practiced enough, you’ll certainly pass the test. So, just relax, try to overcome the anxiety, and feel confident.
  2. Mirrors and side to side head checks: Being a learner driver, it is difficult to take your eyes away from the road. But, your rear-view and side mirrors are there to help you drive safely. It’s a common mistake of learner drivers to forget to check the side and rear-view mirrors. Not checking your mirrors is not acceptable. If you are not doing head checks, there are high chances of failure in the road test.
  3. Rolling Stops: This is a most common mistake that many learner drivers do. You should avoid this mistake. Many new drivers slow down their vehicle partially – they don’t come to the point of a full stop behind the demarcation line. Don’t do incomplete or rolling stops. Slow down your vehicle and stop it fully behind the demarcation line at the red lights and stop signs. You should stop your car completely when you take a right-hand turn at any intersection.
  4. Improper lane changing: When your examiner asks you to change lanes, you should look first, turn your signal on, check both rear and side mirrors, turn your head to check for a motorcycle, car, or truck in your blind spot, and change lanes only if your blind spot is clear. Moreover, you should also watch out for the traffic on the road in front of you. It’s not difficult to perform the aforementioned steps before changing lanes. However, many test-takers fail to do the steps properly. You should practice to become an expert on changing lanes.
  5. Failing to follow the speed limits: You should stay within the speed limits, even if other drivers drive faster than you. You should be aware of the changes in speed limit in different zones, particularly work zones, school zones. It’s common for many learner drivers to not reduce their speed before entering a slower speed limit zone. You may fail in the driving test due to this bad habit.
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