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Senior Drivers In-Vehicle Evaluatlion

Driving is something that can give joy to people of age any group. We offer the senior drivers an in-vehicle evaluation to help you be behind the steering for as long as you may wish. We also analyse how safe driver you are by rating your driving expertise. The evaluation process helps in gaining the confidence to drive and also triggers the safety constraint. Senior driver in-vehicle evaluation helps one to become a safe driver and gauges your driving proficiency, making you confident.

Senior DriversIn-Vehicle Evaluation Package

On completion of your on-road session you will get the evaluation letter.



Senior Drivers In-Vehicle Evaluation in Fort Saskatchewan

Elderly people are prone to injuries, and we all know how hard it is to mend a broken bone in old age. Thus it is mandatory to undergo this proficiency test. It can either help you gain the confidence to zoom your car or force you to hang down your car keys for your own good.

We tend to overlook many age-related changes such as cognition impairing, vision and hearing loss, difficulty in motor function, medical conditions, etc. when it comes to driving car. But we need to understand all these factors can be a reason to be prone to a car crash or car risk.

Yes, we agree that ageing builds experience but not at the cost of overlooking any such impairment or disability. There is undoubtedly a difference between driving a car as a teenager and driving in old age. Elderly drivers may make good drivers, but you need to first evaluate your dexterity and efficiency in driving. This will help in maintaining safety and will also help you to self-monitor yourself as to how good you are in driving.

Driving ability may deteriorate with ageing and evaluation can give you the key to either continue or to hang your boots considering the safety and other parameters. In our driving school, we minutely evaluate the skills of elderly drivers and give them a certification after analysing their driving finesse. It can be a helpful factor to determine your own mastery to be safe behind the wheels.

Just like we go for a routine medical check-up on a regular basis to analyse our health, same is the case when it comes to driving. We also need to assess our driving ability promptly to be a safe driver. And, you can get to do this by enrolling in our driving school. We consider tuning up your skills and polishing it to such a level that driving is never a hard nut for you to crack.