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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Covid-19 is a serious health threat, the risk to Canadians remains high and is evolving daily. To help prevent the spread of the virus we must all work together, as the health and safety of everyone is at risk. The below will describe how our school will comply with the Alberta Health COVID 19 guidelines as we hope to re-open our driving school.

Prior to starting each day, the instructor will complete the Alberta Health questionnaire for covid-19. Please see sample questionnaire .

Prior to starting each lesson the student will be asked to complete the covid-19 questionnaire. Please see sample questionnaire .

If an instructor or student shows any signs of the virus their lesson will be cancelled. The instructor or student will be asked to quarantine and self isolate for 14 days, he or she will be able to re-schedule after that time at no extra charge.

Each student will be given a copy of our school’s covid-19 guidelines so they are clearly aware of what is being done by instructor and student to prevent the spread of covid-19. Physical distancing must be followed during all interactions. When this is not possible, PPE will be used.

PPE will be available for both instructor and student. This includes: the use of disposable masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitization bottles.

Hand sanitization and hard surface cleaners to be used must be approved as per the list available on the government of Canada approved product list .

We have learned that wearing a mask can be very important in some situations. Alberta Health has advised that it is important that when putting on and taking off a mask, we are following proper precautions:

  1. Before putting on a mask, clean hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Cover the mouth and nose with a mask and make sure there are no gaps between the face and the mask.
  3. Avoid touching the mask when using it. If you do, you should clean your hands again.
  4. Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp. Do not re-use single-use masks.
  5. To remove the mask: remove it from behind, do not touch the front of the mask. Throw away the mask immediately in a garbage bag and clean hands again.

With respect to using gloves it has been recommended to follow proper procedures when putting them on and taking them off:

  1. The outside of gloves are contaminated, so face touching should be avoided.
  2. Limit the surfaces that are being touched.
  3. If your hands get contaminated when removing gloves, immediately clean hands.

Implementing changes for in vehicle training –

  • Hand sanitizing bottles located in each car are available for both the instructor and student.
  • Masks available and mandatory for both student and instructor during in vehicle instruction.
  • Each vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned everyday.
  • Prior to the start of each lesson the instructor will wipe down all the common touch surfaces with an approved surface cleaner for disinfecting. This will include: door handles, steering wheel, gear selector, switches and gauges, seat belts , and all other in car components commonly touched by students.
  • Disposable gloves will also be available in each car

Implementing changes for in classroom training –

  • All individuals will be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day.
  • The classroom instructor will be required to maintain a minimum of 2 meters distance at all times from all students, if this is not possible the use of a mask will be mandatory.
  • Currently our classroom has an approved seating capacity of up to 24 students. For the remainder of the Pandemic our class size will be limited to a maximum of 8 students
  • The office, class and hallways will be marked with tape to indicate 2 meters spacing.
  • Seating will be designed to maintain a minimum of 2 meters distance from each other
  • The classroom will be cleaned and disinfected at the start of each classroom session and throughout the day, including but not limited to washrooms, door handles, seating area table and chairs
  • The classroom, office and common areas will have bottles of hand sanitizer for use, located in easy access locations.
  • Coffee machines, and water fountains will not be available for use to discourage the use of sharing cups, bottles/dishes.
  • The office, entrance and classroom will have signs posted to help remind individuals of how to help prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • There will be no sharing of pens and other learning tools that are often used in the classroom setting. Each student will be provided with 1 pen, 1 pencil and papers for their personal use and not allow sharing of pens and other hand around items. This is done to prevent the possible spread of germs from the sharing/passing of items from one student to another

Protocol for screening of staff, students, and visitors for COVID-19 upon arrival. If an individual answers YES to any of the questions, the individual SHOULD NOT be allowed on the business premises and required to self isolate for 14 days

Screening as per the Alberta Health website

Do you have any of the below symptoms:

  • Fever (greater than 38.0C)
    YES or NO
  • Cough
    YES or NO
  • Shortness of Breath / Difficulty Breathing
    YES or NO
  • Sore throat
    YES or NO
  • Runny Nose
    YES or NO

Have you, or anyone in your household travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

Have you, or anyone in your household been in contact in the last 14 days with someone who is being investigated or confirmed to be a case of COVID-19?

Are you currently being investigated as a suspect case of COVID-19?

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days?

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