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Class 5 Hourly Driving Lessons in Fort Saskatchewan

Our driving instructors have more than 25+ years of professional experience

We at Advance driving school Fort Saskatchewan, deliver you top notch driving lessons at your doorsteps. Attaining a class 5 advance driver license is not easy and may require you to be an efficient and safe driver. We help you attain this license by training you in such a way that you are fully upgraded and well versed with all the tact’s and procedures to follow.

Class 5 Hourly Road Driving Lessons


Class 5 Hourly – bronze package includes

  • 4 hours in car training
  • Free Pick-up & Drop-off




Class 5 Hourly – silver package includes

  • 6 hours in car training
  • Free Pick-up & Drop-off




Class 5 Hourly – gold package includes

  • 10 hours in car training
  • Free Pick-up & Drop-off



We also provide Class 5 Driving Courses in Fort Saskatchewan for Class 5 Drivers-License.

An individual in possession of class 5 driving license is considered an advantage. There are no limitations for a class 5 license holder. So in order to attain your license and permits with ease, you can consider registering with us to get the hands of the experts on your shoulders who will be determined to help you clear your driving test.

Driving will not be a hard shell to crack if you choose us for getting yourself trained as responsible and safe drivers. We make it a point that our driving instructors make you practice on roads where you can gain better control over your steering. Our driving instructors also excel in multilingual teaching which gives the students the advantage of receiving instructions in their preferred language. Our trainers are polite and well experienced who can tell you all the minute details of becoming a safe driver and also be a companion to achieve success in attaining a class 5 advance drivers-license.

We give you in-class instruction. We make our students improve their driving skills by acquainting them with all kinds of driving scenarios and situations.

We blossom safe drivers who stay at bay from unsafe driving habits and consider safety as a priority. We have the best driving instructors to mentor our students. Also, we make it a point that our training vehicles are inspected timely to assure our students of safe and standard vehicles for training purposes. Assisting our students to attain their license is our motto. We help them out in the best possible ways to get through their driving test. Our given insurance reduction certificate will provide a discount while you purchase your annual insurance policy.

We understand that every learner is unique in their own ways. And, thus, we make use of different strategies and approaches to train learners to gain command over safe driving habits.

We are devoted to carving out safe drivers form our driving school who can move out and spread the word of safe driving and its importance. We make use of strategies to help the learners grasp the fundamental rules of driving in a better and quicker way.

We provide classroom training and believe that for every enthusiast, driving should be a fun element and should not bring in shivers. For this, we aim at delivering lessons that can eliminate the fear of driving in an individual and trigger safe and responsible drivers. We commit ourselves to bring safety and welfare when our drivers are out to drive their way.