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New Student Driver Tips

While nothing takes the place of experience, there are several tips that young drivers to follow which will reduce the chances of being in an accident.

Avoid Assumptions: Just because a driver has used their turn signal does not mean that they are going to turn. All it means is that they have used their turn signal. Play it safe and wait for them to take action.

Avoid Left Turns:Unless the busy intersection has a traffic light for left turns, you should avoid them until you are more prepared. This is because it takes some time to properly judge the speed of the oncoming traffic, so once you have mastered that, making left turns will be easier.

Clear Intersection:Before you proceed on a green light, be sure that no vehicle or pedestrian is still in the intersection.

Obey Speed Limits:This should be an easy one, but too many young drivers are not aware of the dangers that speeding presents. An extra five to ten miles per hour greatly reduces your time to react if the unexpected should occur.

Obstructions:If something is obstructing your lane, wait for the oncoming traffic to clear first before going around. Remember, you do not have the right of way in this circumstance.

School:Get to school a little early and leave a little late so that you avoid the congestion of the mad rush both in and out of the parking lots. Considering the many of the accidents which do take place are caused during this time, you can avoid a considerable amount of trouble by timing your entry and exit differently than your fellow students.

School Bus:One big danger is striking a student who has exited a school bus. When the school bus has stopped, posted its “Stop” sign, and starts flashing its red lights you should not pass. Instead, stay where you are so that you avoid striking students who may be getting on or off the bus.

In addition, you should always remember to buckle your seat belt before your vehicle moves and make sure everyone inside is buckled up as well. Never overcrowd your vehicle because that is asking for trouble.

Plus, obey all traffic laws which include not running red or even yellow lights. Also, get into the habit of using your turn signal even when there is no one behind you. Turn signals tell others what you are going to do and making that a habit may prevent an accident, injury or worse. Remember, you need to drive like you own your vehicle and not the road.

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